What is the correct height to install a shower head?

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Whether remodeling a bathroom or just replacing a shower, it is important to know the optimal height for the showerhead. One that is too high or too low can make showering a challenge. You cannot get completely clean if the stream of water does not contact all parts of your body. While there is no specific height for the position of the showerhead, most plumbing professionals place the fixture 6.5 feet above the floor, or 78 inches. This position accommodates the height of most people in the United States.

When remodeling or replacing a showerhead, you should ensure that it is positioned so that your tallest family members can stand beneath the fixture. It must also be accessible for children and individuals who must sit while showering. A rusty, damaged or leaking showerhead should be replaced. You should consider replacing the showerhead as well as the showerhead arm, the pipe extending from the wall to which the showerhead is attached, if they cannot be properly cleaned.

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