The 8 Best Ceiling Mount Shower Heads (Review)

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Ceiling mount shower heads are the trend recently, and it’s for a good reason. A vertical ceiling shower arm installation attempts to mimic standing in a warm, natural rain shower.

Hanging directly overhead, this mount style allows rinsing your entire body for the duration of the shower. There is no need to constantly adjust your position to aim the water where you need it, providing a more relaxing experience and maybe even saving some time. Since they are designed to hang overhead, they also make a shower more comfortable to use for taller people. Here’s a look at our top 8 favorite ceiling mount models.

1. Artbath Extra Large 12-inch Fixed Mount Rainfall Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Showerhead

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Artbath designed this extra-large showerhead to mimic rainfall, and it does a fantastic job of doing so. This 12″ round head produces an extensive coverage area and a gentle but voluminous water-flow, making you feel like you are showering in a warm rain storm. The unique look of the Artbath is as notable as its performance. Its designers had aesthetics in mind with an ultra-thin design and polished steel finish. The showerhead is made of solid stainless-steel, feels sturdy, and the build quality is excellent.

As the size of a shower head goes up, the strength of the water pressure often goes down. At 12 inches, the ArtBath delivers good pressure but also provides more than enough spray area to allow a person to remain completely covered during a shower. Although the coverage provided by the 10″ heads on this list would satisfy most people, the extra 2 inches ensures an experience that genuinely mimics rainfall, without a noticeable effect on water-pressure.

The ultra-thin design of the ArtBath, which allows it to deliver a generous amount of coverage while keeping the weight down, makes it an ideal option for installing a ceiling mount shower head.

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2. Rozin Bathroom 20 Inch Rain Shower Head Ultrathin Shower Top Sprayer Ceiling Mounted

If you are looking for an enormous showerhead that will deliver an equally large coverage area, then this is the one you’ll want. You’ll have room for two people with this 20″ x 20″ head.

Easy to maintain, silicone spray nozzles cover all 400 square inches of this stainless steel head.

Despite its incredible coverage area, this unit still manages to deliver good water pressure. Each corner has an eyelet for mounting to the ceiling, and it comes in a polished chrome finish, for a nice, elegant look.

3. Hiendure 12-inch High-Pressure Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel Square Rain Shower Head

Hiendure® 12-inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head,...
106 Reviews
Hiendure® 12-inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head,...
  • Rain Style: Offering a good coverage to soak your entire body, giving relaxing shower experience.
  • Adding Beauty to Bathroom: Fancy look in 12" rounded rectangle shape, polished, ultra thin.
  • Stronger Material: Made entirely of stainless steel, no fragile plastic parts.
  • Easily Cleaning: Squeezing the rubber nipples to remove the lime or sediment. Very easy to unclog.
  • Other Notice: Installation without tools; Lifetime warranty; Arm not included.

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Hiendure made this ultra-thin showerhead out of high quality 304 stainless steel, meaning they built it to last. They also had maintenance in mind; its silicone nozzles were designed to keep hard water scale building up and clogging them.

The 12-inch by 12-inch size provides excellent water coverage, but it also delivers excellent water pressure. The water-flow is unrestricted so you can immerse yourself and efficiently rinse any time you shower.

This high, quality and sturdily built showerhead is a perfect choice if you are designing a rainfall shower.

4. Delta RP50841 Single Setting Overhead Showerhead

Delta Faucet Single-Spray Rain Shower Head Chrome, Rainfall...
971 Reviews
Delta Faucet Single-Spray Rain Shower Head Chrome, Rainfall...
  • DRENCHING RAINFALL. Enjoy the luxurious experience of showering in an overhead, drenching rain with...
  • Wall-Mount Design. No Need to Invest in a Complex and Expensive Ceiling-Mount Installation; You Can...
  • EASY TO CLEAN. Delta shower heads with Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe...
  • Easy Installation. Install in Minutes with No Special Tools Required (Purchase Recommended Shower...
  • LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: You can install with confidence, knowing this Delta shower head is backed...

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Delta is known for producing high-quality plumbing fixtures, so it should be no surprise that they crafted this one from high-quality stainless-steel, rather than chrome plated plastic like so many others.

With over 140 individual water nozzles this showerhead feels like real rainfall, making it an excellent choice whether you are remodeling your bathroom or building new. This showerhead is a superb choice for those seeking a high-volume but gentle rainfall style showerhead.

It can be wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling and comes in a beautiful, polished finish.

5. TANBURO 10 inch Square Rainfall Showerhead

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Sleek and luxurious, this showerhead delivers excellent water pressure through 196 nozzles contained on the 10-inch by 10-inch square. Mounted on a swivel ball, the angle of the head is highly adjustable, so you can quickly aim it to wherever you like.

The nozzles deliver water evenly across the head, something that not all showerhead manufacturers have mastered. Since it is slightly smaller than the others listed, this head offers somewhat higher water pressure while still providing a high coverage area.

The material quality on this ultra-thin model is excellent, and its looks will brighten any shower.

6. Happy-li Premium Rain Shower Head 12 Inch Square Ultra-Thin

Premium Rain Shower Head 12 Inch Square Ultra-Thin Luxury...
181 Reviews
Premium Rain Shower Head 12 Inch Square Ultra-Thin Luxury...
  • Imagine yourself standing under a waterfall, which instantly covers all your body with hot water;...
  • Extra large Luxury Shower Head – 12 inch rain shower head, ultra thin, gloss finish and 196...
  • Highest Rust Resistance - Happy-li's waterfall shower heads are made of top quality, solid stainless...
  • Seconds to Install DIY - There is no need for Teflon tape or any tools; just connect it to half inch...
  • 2 Years Warranty - We are totally confident you will be impressed with your new shower head, that we...

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Create a spa-like experience everytime you shower with this luxurious, extra-large shower head from Happy-li.

The large spray area covers your entire body for a relaxing shower and also increases efficiency since you can rinse your whole body all at once. The beautiful mirrored finish refreshes the look of your bath, and it’s easy to install, even for people who have never installed a showerhead before.

The ultra-thin design makes this a good prospect for those wanting a contemporary look.

7. GROHE Rainshower F-Series 10″ Ceiling Shower Head

Rainshower F-Series 10 In. 1-Spray Showerhead
14 Reviews
Rainshower F-Series 10 In. 1-Spray Showerhead
  • GROHE StarLight finish for scratch and tarnish-resistant surfaces for a lifetime of beauty
  • GROHE DreamSpray features advanced shower engines to deliver precise and consistent water...
  • GROHE Dropstop
  • SpeedClean anti-lime system: Removes limescale with a simple wipe of a finger to maintain a like-new...
  • 10 inch x 10 inch

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This premium quality showerhead from Grohe flush mounts to the ceiling and delivers a rain spray pattern through 120 individual spray nozzles.

The company’s SpeedClean anti-lime system makes cleaning simple with just the swipe of a finger. It has a 10-inch square head providing more than enough water coverage.

Grohe’s patented StarLight system creates a beautiful finish that will keep on shining. This showerhead is a very well designed unit that was built to last, perform well, and to look good while doing so.

8. American Standard 10-Inch Rain Easy Clean Showerhead

American Standard 1660610.002, 2.5 gal per minute, Polished...
30 Reviews
American Standard 1660610.002, 2.5 gal per minute, Polished...
  • 10-inch diameter rain showerhead
  • Easy to clean spray face
  • Brass construction
  • Arm and flange not included
  • American Standard - Style That Works Better

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Available in oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome or a satin nickel finish, this 10 inch round rain head by American Standard, one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, is easy to clean and provides users with a gentle deluge of water in a rain pattern.

The finish is tarnish, scratch and corrosion resistant to keep the unit looking good. High-quality craftsmanship and brass construction, along with the variety of finish choices, make this showerhead a solid choice for many.

American Standard backs this showerhead with a lifetime limited warranty.

Can I use a shower arm extension on my traditional shower arm to mimic a ceiling mounted shower?

Switching to a ceiling mount style showerhead can improve the look of your bathroom and offer a completely different shower experience, but many people understandably don’t want to tear up their walls and install new plumbing to do so. If you’re not ready for such an intensive project, adding an extension arm to your traditional shower is a great way to get similar results as a ceiling mounted shower.

Extension arms are readily available on Amazon or your local home improvement store in many different sizes and styles. You’ll want to choose an extension that allows the showerhead to hang directly overhead of the person using the shower. Weight can be an issue with some of the larger units such as the Rozin 20″ head. In that case, you’ll need to opt for a shower riser. These are L-shaped extensions that attach to the wall for support and center the pipe that the shower head connects to over the middle of the shower. They attach to the existing plumbing with a flexible hose.

What is involved in installing a ceiling mount shower?

To install a showerhead, you screw an extension pipe into a piece of plumbing called a “shower arm”, which is a female-threaded arm mounted securely to the framing of the wall, behind the tile or wall covering. The difficulty in installing a ceiling mounted shower head depends on the location of this piece. If you have a ceiling mounted drop-ear, you just need to:

  • Apply thread tape to the threads on both ends of the extension tube.
  • Screw the extension tube into the elbow.
  • Place the decorative flange on to the tube. (This piece covers the plumbing connection at the wall. )
  • Thread the shower head on to the other end.
  • Some larger heads will require extra support, so just follow the manufacturers included instructions.
  • If you have a wall-mounted drop ear, the process is quite similar to a ceiling mount, but you will have to position the extension arm, or arms so that the shower head hangs in the center of the shower. Handle-held wands will have a mount that will need to be secured to the wall, although some of these use suction mounts.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the Rozin 20″ and the Nebia 10″, most people seeking a rainfall type shower would be satisfied with any of the choices on the list. They are all quality, well-constructed units that provide excellent coverage. The Rozin and Nebia are as well, but they serve a particular purpose that not everyone is after.

The Rozin, for example, has a massive footprint that provides a vast coverage area, which is great if you have the water pressure to supply it adequately, but people with inadequate water pressure may not be happy with the result. The Nebia, on the other hand, produces a more steam-like shower, which is not going to make everyone happy.

Ultimately, your choice is going to revolve around how your shower is currently set-up, the look and coverage you are after, and your budget.