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You can’t beat a shower after a long day. They are convenient, quick, and refreshing. There are so many different shower brands out there so, who can you rely on for your daily shower needs? Some drizzle, some drip.

What you need is a shower that you can rely on. A shower that is consistent. A shower that cleans day in and day out.  

Moen magnetix shower head is a definite contender for the top spot of best showerheads. With a wide range of showerheads that host a wide range of showerhead features, they stand out.

Below, we will look at the top three picks and what makes them stand out from the other brands and models on offer. Then we will look at a buyer’s guide. These are handy tips for purchasing the perfect Moen showerhead. 

Our Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews

Moen 26009SRN Engage Magnetix Multi-Function Handshower and Rainshower Combo Featuring Magnetic Docking System, Spot Resist Brushed Nickel

This Moen showerhead is a strong contender. It is two-in-one with a handheld and an overhead showerhead. They work together to create a strong stream or you can use them separately as needed.

Made from nickel, this duo showerhead is spot resistant which means, it stays shiny and clean for a much longer time than other showerhead materials such as chrome.

The handheld showerhead is attached to the main rainshower with a strong, durable magnet. This ensures an easy on-off process and ensures your handheld showerhead won’t fall off or cause injury.


  • Multiple settings: Six! Yes, six different settings. These include three different massage features, a rinse and a downpour and, complete covering. So whatever type of shower you need, Moen have it covered. 
  • Spot resistant: The nickel material keeps the shower stain and spot free. This means no water marks for a longer time, and a cleaner, more durable showerhead overall. It is also easy to clean.


  • Not as powerful apart: When used in sync, these showerheads are strong and refreshing. When used apart, the pressure appears lower and not as effective.

Moen 26100EP Engage Magnetix 3.5-Inch Six-Function Handheld Showerhead with Eco-Performance Magnetic Docking System, Chrome

This Moen showerhead is a popular choice, with over 7,000 positive reviews. It is an eco-friendly model, owing to its three restrictors. It has an impressive six, different shower modes.

This includes three different types of massage modes to choose from. Alongside the massage modes, there are the a-typical showerhead modes that you would expect to find on any model including downpour and all-over coverage.


  • Good reviews: This showerhead has a large number of four and five-star reviews from happy customers. There are over 7,000 to date, with over 74% at five stars. This is testament to the product in itself.
  • Tangle free: A shower hose that does not tangle. This is great for handheld use. You can use the showerhead and feel assured that it will not become damaged or kinked through being moved around from its upright position. 


  • Three restrictors: Three restrictors means that the water flow is restricted in three different ways. These can be removed, but it is fiddly and time consuming. Though it does make the product more eco-friendly.

Moen 26112SRN Engage Magnetix Six-Function 5.5 Inch Handheld Showerhead with Magnetic Docking System, Spot Resist Brushed Nickel

This Moen showerhead product is the larger version of a similar showerhead product. The 5.5 Inch showerhead provides the classic shower experience with the ever-popular six different settings, three of which are relaxing massage features.

It has a larger surface area but that does not mean that you will lose out of water pressure. You will have the same refreshing shower with a wider coverage. This is a good option for that immersive shower experience.

The head itself can be easily removed and put back owing to the magnetic docking system. This means there is less chance of rust or damage to the shower attachment feature. There is also less chance of it wearing or breaking over time.


  • Versatile: Moen strikes again with a six-function showerhead. These include the popular and well-reviewed, three different massage settings. You also get a wide water setting and downpour, alongside a spray. These settings can be flicked between easily. All you need to do is just push a button.
  • Nickel Finish: The nickel finish is home in any bathroom. It is a classic shower and tap material and provides a neutral and classic look. It suits any decor. It also means your showerhead will stay nice and new for a longer time. Why? Nickel is more resistant to marks left from water and grime.


  • Single Showerhead: Unlike some other popular models, this is a single showerhead. This can sometimes lead to lower water pressure and a less refreshing overall, shower experience.

Buyer’s Guide

The Best Showerhead Material

Chrome. Plastic. Brass. These are common materials chosen for showerheads. You may have an aesthetic that you’re aiming to match, you may be feeling friendly toward the environment.


Chrome suits any bathroom, it’s true. It is neutral and friendly on the eye. It will complement any color scheme. However, it rusts and stains quite easily. 


Nickel has the same effect as chrome however, it does not rust nor does it stain as easily. This seems to be the superior choice when it comes to choosing showerhead material.


Plastic is another popular choice for showerheads however, not very eco-friendly. The world is moving away from plastic and onto more sustainable materials. Plastic showerheads though easy to make and cheap to produce may become a thing of the past.

How To Clean Your Showerhead

Sometimes cleaning your showerhead is overlooked and forgotten about. A shower cleans you, right? So, it’s hard to think of your showerhead as dirty. However, it’s no mystery that your showerhead can harbor germs.

Just like everything that we use day-in-day-out, they are hotbeds for bacteria and even mold. 

With that in mind, what is the best method for ensuring you are looking after your showerhead? There are many different options for properly cleaning your showerhead. There are also ways to avoid limescale build-up such as silicone spouts on the showerhead.


If you are wanting something eco-friendly, vinegar on a cloth is a great, natural cleaning agent. To get shine and assure thorough cleanliness for metal, vinegar is a top choice.

Though the only downside is the strong smell, most cleaning products have their own distinct odor regardless. 

Another eco-friendly cleaning product that gives your showerhead a great shine is baking powder. Mix this with a dash of water and it becomes a paste. Use the paste to scrub your showerhead, making sure to rinse it. This is a proven, and effective cleaner. 

There are also eco-friendly cleaning sprays circulating the market. They are often more expensive but have a longer-lasting impact. 

Shower Cleaners

There are eco-friendly shower cleaning products on the market. However, they are more expensive than your average spray bottle cleaner available on the shelves of every supermarket. This is a popular, often cheaper, option and readily obtainable. 

Glass Cleaner

Making sure you have a good quality glass cleaner is essential for shower maintenance.

The glass doors collect bacteria, mold, and other residues after a week of use. A good quality glass cleaner applied after an antibacterial wipe-over will provide a deeper clean. It will also give that squeaky new shine back to your shower doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Flow Restrictor?

A flow restrictor is a mechanism in the showerhead that restricts the flow of the water.

This can be useful sometimes and a pain at others. The flow restrictor can act as an energy-saving means, making it eco-friendly and also economically better for your overall monthly bill. However, they can also cause low water pressure and ultimately, less powerful showers.

Many showers come with them as a standard feature. They can be removed but it takes time and is not always an easy task.

When Do You Need To Change Your Showerhead? 

The unexpected answer is, you should be changing your showerhead around every six months. Showerheads can be a place for mold, bacteria, and residue build-up. This can cause health problems, and let’s face it, you don’t want the thing that cleans you to be dirty.

With all this buildup, the showerhead can slow down and function less efficiently. When you see the signs, feel the pressure change, notice decay in functionality, it’s probably time to look into a new showerhead.