If you are wondering how long to spend taking a shower, the answer depends on several factors. First, you need to understand the purpose of your shower. You may want to take a shower as part of your daily grooming routine. Perhaps you want to enjoy a soothing shower to relax. Whether the purpose of taking your shower focuses on cleanliness or relaxation, you may want to know if your showers are shorter or longer than the norm.

Washing and Conditioning your Hair Takes more Time

In addition, you need to think about whether you plan to shampoo your hair while taking a shower. Conditioning your hair obviously requires even more time. You also need to consider the expenses involved including the cost of water and the energy required to heat the water.

Two-Minute Showers Reflect an Impractical Point of View

Most dermatologists advocate two-minute showers. But some dermatologists suggest that five minutes is the preferred amount of time to take a shower. Nevertheless, you probably need, and desire, to spend more time when you take a shower. It takes more than two minutes to wash and condition the hair besides soaping up the entire body.

Rinsing off hair products and soap takes at least another two minutes. Dermatologists are concerned about the skin getting too dry or becoming open to bacteria. However, spending two minutes in the shower may not warrant enough time to feel blissfully clean and pampered by the soothing stream of water.

A Typical Shower Takes about Ten Minutes

According to statistics, most people spend approximately 10 minutes taking their showers. However, many individuals take their showers in less than five minutes. It is not known whether the women who take faster showers bother to wash their hair. A person with a condition known as baldness may take less time simply because he or she does not need to shampoo and condition the hair. Furthermore, age plays a significant role.

Statistics show that 55-year-old adults tend to spend less than nine minutes taking their showers while adults in their early 20s take approximately 14 minutes. Researchers do not know why older adults take less time. Perhaps they are more concerned about the environment. Perchance they are too frail to stand up for long periods. Of course, there is also the possibility that adults in their 50s, 60s or even 90s have more serious concerns about the value of time.

Working Out Requires Either Longer or More Frequent Showers

If you are an athletic person, you may need to take longer showers than the average individual. You could also choose to take two shorter showers on days that cause you to perspire beyond your control. If you live your life as a couch potato, you may not need to take showers more than a few times a week. Plus, you can probably get away with taking shorter showers.

Calculating the Time Step-by-Step

Common sense plays an important aspect of the ongoing debate about how long people should spend taking their showers. It takes about two minutes to shampoo and rinse the hair, two minutes to condition and rinse the hair, three to four minutes to lather the body with soap and two minutes to rinse off the soap. If you follow the advice of some dermatologists, you will also take an extra few minutes indulging your skin with a good body cream for protection against dry skin conditions. Consequently, the entire time for taking a shower may last about 12 minutes. A longer session is a matter of personal choice.

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